response: gas stop - anthony wilson

Love your evocation of jazz.
— Anthony Wilson, Musician

Hello, David,

Recently bought "Gas Stop". The work is stunning. You have a lifelong fan. Love your evocation of jazz. I am a jazz musician who has always taken photos for fun. Lately I've gotten more serious about shooting. Drawing inspiration from your work, and thankful to have stumbled upon it.

Among many other things, I’ve been looking at a lot of diverse work from the 1970’s and 1980’s, including that of Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, and Mitch Epstein, and although "Gas Stop" isn’t color photography, the imagery and subject matter, to my mind & eye, shares affinities with those bodies of work.  Your pictures in this series feel very unforced, too.  Which is strange when one considers the strictures of the work and that it is quite a narrow subject matter.  Yet it feels quite all-encompassing, not limited…

Anthony Wilson