Show: Gas Stop: Culture, Pascal Gallery, Ramapo College, NJ

Gas Stop: Culture

Ramapo College Pascal Gallery, Nov 1 - Dec 13

Gas Stop: Culture is an exhibition of photographs drawn from Gas Stop, published in 2016 by Steidl Verlag.  Taken in forty-seven states between 1978 and 1981, its photographs examine the culture, architecture and landscape of the American gas station. These three elements are frequently interwoven in a particular photograph, but in Gas Stop: Culture, I emphasize one theme, culture, as an exhibition focus.  Although culture can be visualized in many ways, this exhibition highlights men, women, girls and boys engaging with gas stations’ offerings, spaces, and each other, enlivening and propelling Gas Stop’s American narrative.

An interactive element in Gas Stop: Culture features visitors' experiences at gas stations, which are pinned to a gallery wall.  To share a story, visit

To add your story to this wall, visit

To add your story to this wall, visit